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Friday, February 11, 2022

At MOTOA Group, most clients and potential clients come to us to get sourcing of things like glassed iron pump bowls out of C-H-I-N-A, and many have tried just about everything else - and been burned by the usual horde of scammy agents and brokers. 

We, on the other hand, have been tasked with sourcing glassed iron pump bowls from India and Thailand and we know how specific a request that is, and how important every detail of not only the casting, but also the glass flake coating is. More importantly, we’re honest and communicate quickly.

We’re Americans who have lived long-term in Asia, where we are based out of, but we also have our people in the US, so you’re covered 24/7 here and there. Point being, though, we think like Americans and act like Americans for our US clients, but we know how to do business in India, Thailand and elsewhere from our extensive experience living and doing business in Asia. We work under NDA, so that 3D model image is a generic taken from the web. We would never divulge confidential info.

However, if you’re looking for glass flake pump bowl manufacturers in India or Thailand, it’s first about the details. Can they do it? Can they do it right? Can they do it cost-effectively?

It starts with your demands, but let’s say you have a highly specific set of material specs, both for the iron and the glass flake coating enamel. Not a problem. Having done this before, we know plenty of people can make the iron pump bowl in India or Thailand, fewer can glass it at all (let alone have done it enough to be good), and even fewer still will be able to match your coating spec. Once you get through that, it’s down to being competitive, which if not always the case.

How many mils thickness is your tolerance? What is the desired finish? Are there any regulatory compliance issues in the state or locale you’re selling into? What about the industry? And same for finished product - does it need to be consumer-grade pretty or is it going into an assembly where it needs to be professional, but doesn’t need to look like a new car on the lot? 

Corrosion resistance is key in the glassflake coating of your iron pump bowls, but what testing requirements are there? That coating you’ve been buying in Section 301-land over in C-H-I-N-A is probably not available when producing glassed iron pump bowls in India or Thailand. We can match to spec, and we can deliver, but you need to be prepared to accept equivalent substitutes - even if you have to run them up the PPAP (or equiv) chain of command.

This is why when we’re sourcing enameled, glassed iron pump bowls in India and Thailand, we start with the coating and work backward - and we obviously know the people who can be trusted to handle this, so it’s just down to matching your needs, then finding a price and quality match on source that you can accept to produce your glassed iron bowls in India or Thailand where there are no Section 301 tariffs, and where, coming out of India, you’re looking at considerably lower freight rates than the other side of the elephant trunk. That means huge factors that contribute to lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) or landed cost are in your favor sourcing your enameled iron pump bowls from India in particular.

Finally, look, we’re real sourcing people. The on the ground kind, not the brokers who forward emails around to make deals and not the fly-in-fly-out suit and tie people. We are hands on, and we write these articles ourselves so that you can tell it’s not paid copypasta from some bot or outsourcer. We’re MOTOA Sourcing, we’re good at this and we might be able to help you source glassed iron pump bowls from India or Thailand so you can get your supply chain out of C-H-I-N-A.

If you're interested in hearing more, you can email us now at or call +1-832-919-6774 - our teams in the US and Asia are around 24/7.

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