Source Bearings, Fasteners & More Factory Direct.

That's one of our team, in May 2021, trading photos of bearing samples before sending them over to our US team and client for testing. We source more than just bearings, of course. Of course it's 2022 now, but we're still at it!

Whether we're working on an OEM RFQ package or sourcing for a regional distributor, so many projects aren't complete without the nuts and bolts - and whether you're buying hundreds of valves, thousands of seals and bearings or hundreds of thousands of fasteners, there's no need to pay a middle man.

Our ever-expanding network of non-China sources lets you source your commodity parts from Vietnam, India, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan and elsewhere, so email us at or call +1-832-919-6774 now.

Bearings, Fasteners, Seals, Valves, Rod Ends & More

What commodity goods will round out your RFQ or warehouse & cut costs?

Maybe you're tired of trying to source tens of thousands of big, bulky carriage bolts from unreliable distributors, or maybe you just need hose fittings to round out your RFQ. Sometimes you want to save money while engineering a fix for a common problem. Whatever your need, tell us and we'll do our level best to address it.

Thank you - a MOTOA team member from the US or Asia will review and be in touch soon!
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Each Standard Part Sourcing Project Is Different

A few nuts and bolts of sourcing commodity industrial goods.

Because each project is unique, and the goods themselves so different from one another, we're not going to write a long FAQ for each product type. Instead, a quick overview of parts and process. If you want bearing manufacturers from Europe and Asia, for example, that's a very different discussion from fastener factory in Vietnam or Indonesia.

Email us at or call +1-832-919-6774 to discuss your specific needs.

Is sourcing standardized parts overseas viable?

The answer depends on costs and volume - and, in November 2021, amortizing shipping costs across volume. We don't accept these sourcing projects without costs & volume, because they're widely knowable and we can usually tell quickly whether we can be competitive sourcing your bearings, fasteners, etc, in Turkey, India, Vietnam, Taiwan and so on. Short answer, often viable.

What's the minimum quantity I can order?

Is it a big heavy valve? Millions of small fasteners? Thousands of bearings? A good rule of thumb (doesn't always apply) is to add the weight and see if it's around 36,000 lbs - that's a good barometer. Some goods we can source fewer of, some more, but with shipping so high in Q4 2021, the added cost can destroy the savings at low volumes, so do the math first - then ask us!

Can MOTOA source fasteners reliably?

We get this on all products, and it's a reasonable question - just depends on whether the person asking can hear the answer. While we were at IFE 2021, and have contacts in fasteners in the US and abroad, our core teams are not career fastener experts. What we do have is deep fastener experience in our network, reliable factories outside China and a proven method for getting things right. Those who work with us are happy they did.

How do I start buying overseas?

This is something we can also assist with. Our teams have worked with Customs Brokers and agents, as well as some of the world's top (really) int'l trade attorneys to handle everything from getting you set up with Customs to creating complex foreign IOR VMI systems to service OEMs with large volumes and demand. Obviously, whether it makes sense is project by project, but if your project is viable, we can help

You'll Never Know If You Don't Ask...

Still not sure we can help?

Sometimes we just can't help, but even in those cases we all learn something from the experience. So, if you've got a sourcing need, tell us what it is and we'll get right on seeing what we can do about it!

Thank you - a MOTOA team member from the US or Asia will review and be in touch soon!
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