Machined Castings, Metal, Polymers, Molds & More

Not the best photo or fanciest machines, but it's a photo of our team inspecting a partner machine shop in February 2021, to show us there.

We work with dedicated machining partners, foundry partners with internal machining depending on the job, that's in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Turkey, Eastern Europe, the US, anywhere we need to.

Sometimes it's C1144 steel axles, other times cast iron cylinder heads, or just A36 sheet metal. Even polymers like Delrin® & Nylon®. Some foundry partners make and machine molds as well. The list goes on.

If you need to source machining or machined pieces, email us at or call +1-832-919-6774 and let's talk about how we can help you source it anywhere but China.

5-Axis, Press Braked, CNC Lathed, Laser Cut, You Name It

What machining, or machined pieces can we help with? Let's talk details!

We routinely work on machining projects for US clients ranging from thousands of pieces on up through hundreds of thousands. Viability varies by your needs and what our partners offer, but we're quick to evaluate and give speedy, honest feedback.

Thank you - a MOTOA team member from the US or Asia will review and be in touch soon!
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Curious About Machining Capabilities?

A few canned answers to questions we get asked a lot.

Machining projects, whether in Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Taiwan, India or, well, you get the idea, often start with, "Do you have this material, this machine and can you finish it like this?" For specifics, email or call +1-832-919-6774, but here are some FAQ-style quickies.

What metals can we source to machine from?

Specific alloys are too long to list, and heavily in flux right now in November 2021, but we can source aluminum, brass, copper, steel, iron and more. Depending on application and type, it can come as sheet, plate, bar, rod, you name it. We find it's best to get into details rather than list every metal under the sun, so let us know what you need and we'll get back quickly!

What countries do we have machining partners in?

We're based in Asia and the US, with machining partners in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and a few other locations, with more and more projects going to our partners in India as of Q4 2021. We have also handled machining projects with partners in Eastern Europe, the US and Turkey. Tell us what you need done and we'll figure out where we can source it from (that's our job).

Can you beat China's prices on machined pieces?

There's no one answer, pre- or post-tariff, but with that said China's economies of scale make simple 2D projects difficult to match pricing on at small / medium EAU/MOQ. If it's just cutting metal sheet, the Chinese can producer and cut it more cost effectively than anyone. However, we can and do competitively source multidimensional and more complex machined pieces, including our clients' castings, so give us a shot.

What machines do you have available?

Another question that is partner-specific, but we work on packages that require lathes, mills, plasma cutters, polishers, up to 5-axis CNC, press brakes, panel benders, punches - quite a number of machines. As with everything else, it's down to sourcing the metal you need together with the machines you need, at a price you can compete on, all in one place - or between partners (which we also can do). What's your project?

You'll Never Know If You Don't Ask...

Still not sure we can help?

Sometimes we just can't help, but even in those cases we all learn something from the experience. So, if you've got a sourcing need, tell us what it is and we'll get right on seeing what we can do about it!

Thank you - a MOTOA team member from the US or Asia will review and be in touch soon!
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