Let MOTOA Cost Effectively Source Your Tech Too

We're serious businesspeople, like you, and we think technology should drive results - otherwise it's a waste of time. We can bring our tech and sourcing skills to bear for your business, but only if it makes bottom line sense.

Some people are hesitant to believe that we can source their technology in addition to their physical products, but technology is in our DNA, and not only are we very capable, we're also always looking for the best quick and cost-effective solutions to get results now without sacrificing quality or scalability.

Most industrial companies we deal with have old web sites handled for large fees by "the web guy," handle everything by spreadsheets and emails and don't have solid integrations between tech platforms that could eliminate errors and speed communications - and sales.
Our teams have been managing outsourced tech for a long time, and we're results minded, so if you're in need of help with your tech, email us at info@motoa.group or call +1-832-919-6774 and let's see what we can do.

Web Dev, Marketing Automation, IOT & More

Whether it's building or fixing, we can handle many tech needs affordably.

We can't fix your printer or your office network, but if it can be done online, or done remotely and sent to you, we can get it done. Client projects range from building web apps driven by inventory systems, to detailed analysis of AWS that fixes hidden bottlenecks, to building landing pages integrated with CRM, to big data dashboards to even tying physical devices to cloud technology. What can we do for you?

Thank you - a MOTOA team member from the US or Asia will review and be in touch soon!
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Big Data, Small Data, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, GPS & More

What web site would be complete without a FAQ?

What kinds of tech projects can we work on? What types of results do we focus on? We thought it might help to explain some of the services we can offer. Email us at info@motoa.group or call +1-832-919-6774 to discuss your specific needs.

Do you do web sites?

Sure, we can. Our team has extensive experience managing web projects with our in-network sources from Eastern Europe and Asia who are an excellent mix of cost-competitiveness and quality. If you either have something you know you want, or you want someone to dazzle you, we can do either one. Web site projects where we don't excel, for obvious reasons, are projects where decision-makers unfamiliar with web design & dev like to take a very hands on role and require lots of face time.

Can you handle PPC & landing page campaigns?

Sure can, yeah. We have extensive internal and external experience in strategy and execution of these campaigns, as well as a host of tools that allow for quick rollout and efficient management and reporting. It's really down to what you want to achieve and what your requirements are. As with all of our projects, the first step is to show us the numbers and for all of us to work together to determine viability.

Can you turn my idea into an app?

Generally speaking, yep. We have extensive experience in this field, but unless you have a fully fleshed out business proposal, including evaluating the online space and the markets and prior direct and indirect competition, we do like to start with that part of the process. That said, our sources in Eastern Europe in particular excel at building web apps and mobile apps, and, with our management can bring projects in reliably and on budget.

Can you integrate our inventory & web apps?

Depends on how messy your WMS / IMS is, but if it has the proper API / EDI protocols, then it's really just down to what your systems are capable of and what you want to do with them - and the budget vs. expected ROI. We've worked on projects when, after the first month, we recommended not proceeding (and been thanked for our honesty) and we've worked on projects where the technology immediately drove ROI through online orders.

You'll Never Know If You Don't Ask...

Still not sure we can help?

Sometimes we just can't help, but even in those cases we all learn something from the experience. So, if you've got a sourcing need, tell us what it is and we'll get right on seeing what we can do about it!

Thank you - a MOTOA team member from the US or Asia will review and be in touch soon!
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