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Thursday, February 17, 2022

We’ve handled some fairly complex casting projects sourcing for our fellow Americans from here in Southeast Asia. Grey iron kettlebell castings from Vietnam - or anywhere, really - are not that.

However, don’t let the perceived lack of complexity fool you, kettlebells of iron or any material have to be balanced, they have to match weight after coating, they have to function ergonomically in terms of design and they have to come in at a price that’s reasonable for you at a quality that’s acceptable. You know this, of course, but letting you know that we know.

At MOTOA Sourcing - we’re the ones writing this slapdash article, not SEO people - we’ve dealt with this and we’re happy to help you. Our foundries make powder coated gray iron kettlebell castings and we oversee things, especially quality, from start to finish, to make sure it gets done right.

Additionally, if you need covers or even packaging and labeling, most economical foundries in Southeast Asia & South Asia aren’t eager to help, but we are, and we work well with them.

We’re Americans, by the way, who have lived long-term in Asia, and we have MOTOA people in the US as well, so you’re covered 24/7 somewhere, whatever you need - you’re also covered by an NDA and our ethical promise not to play games, which is why that 3D model of a grey iron cast kettlebell up there isn’t from our kettlebell projects, it’s a freebie from the web. We don’t disclose confidential information, ever.

But back to sourcing iron kettlebell castings from Vietnam, when you come to us with a design, we assume you’ve got that part worked out. Our last gray iron kettlebell cast piece client did, but of course things sometimes change during bidding, and we find out halfway through about specific coating requirements or material changes, as we did during this project in February 2022. Not a problem, as long as you’re flexible.

In most cases, though, we assume you have not just the overall design, but also the angle of the handle, the balance of the cast iron base to the handle and so on. If you need help with this, we can work with you, but let’s assume you know the grey iron kettlebell casting you want and you just need it made in Vietnam (or elsewhere), made right and made for the right price.

Kettlebells are sort of the counterweights of the fitness equipment world, and we’ve worked on counterweight projects too. A number of similarities.

First up is volume and finish, really. Material will be dictated by size and weight, and affects price, but the big determinant is how many you need, how often, and then what they need to end up looking like. If you need a huge number of kettlebells, an automated line may be required to achieve both economies of scale and timeliness of delivery. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a smaller quantity, we can work with general sand casting or possibly lost foam, to save on up front tooling costs.

Obviously, on finish, we first need to talk about whether it’s a competition kettlebell or a standard gray iron kettlebell casting, but this will be dictated by your drawing pretty clearly. Competition kettlebells tend to require more work to design due to the size/weight requirements across models, and tend to have a more professional finish than many standard kettlebells, with specially plated or coated handles and bases. 

In our experience, we tend to end up with sand casting gray iron kettlebells in Vietnam for standard kettlebells that don’t have a strong requirement for extremely precise finish and surface porosity. Sand casting’s more cost effective on tooling, while the handle, as well as burrs, rough spots, sharp edges will be ground and coated anyway, meaning that unless an extremely smooth overall finish is desired, we can usually go with sand casting grey iron kettlebell castings.

If you do need a highly intricate kettlebell, especially of a particular custom design - say, one that needs to look like another object - we have worked on those as well, and while they can require more intricate molding and machining processes, it’s not a problem. Complexity goes up, cost goes up, though.

Ah, and, by the way, we have worked on adjustable kettlebell projects as well, with multiple pieces that are assembled and shipped together, which is a whole other barrel of fun, but entirely do-able. Still, something with a lot of moving parts - and especially if you need it coated and need plastic or polymer-based covers or handle wraps - costs more and requires more care. We can assist, not to worry, but we like to manage expectations.

That’s why the real key for us when sourcing gray iron kettlebell castings from Vietnam or anywhere is really the quality control we provide to our American clients as Americans on the ground. You don’t want to wait for your container of gray iron kettlebell cast pieces to arrive on the boat from Vietnam only to find out after that they’re a mess. If it’s in RRP/SRP, you need to make sure everything in the box is right before it leaves for the port - absolutely crucial.

To achieve these goals, you need people who think like you on the spot to ensure that everything from weight to dimensions to coating & finish are what you expected. Someone who will use AQL standards and independent lab testing to ensure that yields are where they need to be and quality is consistent across all metrics. Your first assumption may just be that you can let the foundry handle that - but if you’re looking to escape Section 301 from that other country and you’re moving production to Vietnam, Thailand or India, you’re in for a bit of a culture shock from the get-go. We live and work here, though, and have long-term, so we know how to bob and weave around the problems to get to the solutions.

All of that said, we’re interested in helping to mass produce gray iron kettlebell castings in Vietnam for our American clients, we’ve worked on kettlebell projects before and we’re happy to do it for you.

If you're interested in hearing more, you can email us now at or call +1-832-919-6774 - our teams in the US and Asia are around 24/7.

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