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Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Friday, April 1, 2022

If you’re looking to source MDF outside of you-know-where, you’ve found the right people. In fact, you’re in good company, because if you’ve been sourcing your MDF from C-H-I-N-A , then you’ve probably been sourcing it from our neck of the woods anyway.

It’s April 2022 and one thing that hasn’t changed is that Southeast Asia and South Asia are where the world’s natural rubber supply comes from, and the countries that produce the most - led by Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam - invested in MDF factories from companies like Siemkempel because it’s a very analogous industry in many ways.

That’s why a lot of the MDF that ends up in products from that other country starts in Southeast Asia. So, why buy from the guy who buys from the guy? Let us connect you directly with MDF sources in Vietnam, Thailand and elsewhere.

Oh - we’re Americans, by the way, just like our clients - but we’ve lived and worked overseas for a long time. Our HQ is in Bangkok, but we maintain sourcing teams in Asia and client teams in the US to make sure you’ve got 24/7 coverage in an industry that does not sleep.

And because you’re dealing with Americans who know America and think like you, we’re already aware of CARB2 restrictions and various other regulatory issues and requirements related to sourcing MDF. Of course every project can come with its own engineering specs and regulatory mandates depending on application and we’re happy to work through those as well.

How you buy and how competitive it is really comes down to the nature of the finished product and how much you’re buying, how often. The latter is your deal to tell us about, but when it comes to what you’re buying, MDF on the sourcing end tends to break down into a few different segments:

  • Panels & Commodity Construction Products
  • Standalone Custom-Machined Pieces
  • Custom-Machined Piece For Furniture & Other Goods

Obviously we can make and provide you MDF for any application that’s physically possible and legal, but these are the requests we see most often.

It’s also important to understand the supply chain behind your supply chain for MDF, because the more things you do to the product the more value (and cost) rests with the factories doing the value-added work like machining, engraving, assembling, packaging and so forth. For this reason, on complex projects, we can actually recreate a supply chain for you where you buy the MDF as a raw material at the best rate and we arrange a separate dedicated set of costs for value-added services performed after.

Is that everything about sourcing MDF? Hardly. If you’re an MDF buyer you likely know way more about your MDF needs than we do, and we’re here to listen, but you can also probably see that we’re not BSing you and that this wasn’t written by an outsourced SEO specialist. Our sourcing teams contribute to everything we write and we write all our own material - though the photo is not from a client project, we work under NDA and never share client info without consent.

If you're interested in hearing more, you can email us now at or call +1-832-919-6774 - our teams in the US and Asia are around 24/7.

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