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Gray Iron

Thursday, December 2, 2021

If you landed here, you’re probably wondering if this is just another page of nonsense written by an algorithm or an outsourced SEO person. Well, nope, it’s really us, the sourcing folks at MOTOA Group and we began working on sourcing this grey iron pinion support in December 2021.

Like almost all of our projects, we’re under NDA as to the details, but since pinion supports are used broadly, we can speak about what we can do for you in sourcing pinion supports or a pinion support assembly in Thailand, India, Taiwan and elsewhere. On that note, the photo on the page is a generic pinion support model pulled from online. We never release confidential information.

In this case, we were working with gray iron, but we’ve worked on similar projects in ductile iron as well, and of course the foundry partners we work with who specialize in iron can handle both. This particular case wasn’t suited for the DISAMATIC line at one of our closer, 16949-certified Thai partners’ foundry, but we eventually landed on a good option out of India.

One thing to note there, and if you’re sourcing things you may have detected this - India tends to be more competitive than Thailand on basic ductile iron parts. Not always, and another Thai foundry we work with is producing an engine compartment component for this same large industrial company with our help, so we’re not saying it doesn’t happen, but generally this is the case.

Thailand is the largest manufacturer of automobiles and parts in ASEAN and the eleventh largest in the world - yes, you read that right - due to a number of factors, but triggered initially by Japanese FDI (Japan is Thailand’s largest FDI partner).

Getting back to the point, though, in this case the chosen bid came out of India, where we also do a lot of work. The project had enough weight and enough machining to create value for the foundry even at a smaller order and the price point wasn’t bad - always negotiable as volume rises, of course, something we keep in mind on business involving new product lines, carefully explaining the long-term value to our partners who don’t always think in market terms.

Could we have sourced this in Taiwan? Eastern Europe? Turkey? Sure, several other places too. Our Asia-based teams are American-lead, and we have Americans in America to help you too. Of course we work with our local staff, who we respect and trust, but at the top we think like you and act like you when doing business with you, and we also have lived and worked abroad in Asia for many, many years and know how to get things done where you need to be sourcing from.

So if Section 301 is kicking your behind on your pinion supports, gray iron, ductile iron or whatever the material may be, we just might be able to help.

If you're interested in hearing more, you can email us now at or call +1-832-919-6774 - our teams in the US and Asia are around 24/7.

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